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260: Your Mindset Wiring and Become a Lifter!

Published on 14 Jan 2020 / In Pets & Animals

Are You a Lifter? Listen and learn more at with Paresh Shah!
Please note, our podcast show format is co-hosts and open-conversational. That means this is not a boring and overly-structured Q&A style podcast. Thanks for tuning in!
Helping Companies and Individuals Tune In To
Lifter Leadership:
From TEDx Hong Kong to his home in southern California, Paresh Shah loves to
help others see the light of Lifter Leadership. Lifters can be anyone from the receptionist that brightens everyone’s day, to the call center rep who knows exactly how to listen and make an angry customer a raving fan, to senior executives and CEOs who understand that by aligning purpose with profit and consciousness, they can create 10 times the performance relative to peers, according to the Harvard Business Review.
Lifter Leadership is what organizations have been waiting for to motivate today’s unengaged worker, innovate to solve some of our biggest problems, avoid being disrupted and serve a demanding set of customers and workers with high standards for integrity, authenticity, and value for all humans on the planet.
Paresh is the Lifter behind this movement.

Top 3 Hot Points:
What is a lifter?
How to become a lifter?
Are you born a lifter?
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